Sons Of The Forest-Open World with much danger and Challenge you should try in 2023

Sons Of The Forest is the latest game from developer Endnight Games, following on from their 2018 release of The Forest. It tells the story of a survivor of a helicopter crash who finds himself on a horror island. The world in Sons Of The Forest is a beautiful fusion of photo-realistic graphics and mutant horror. The game’s textures adapt to the seasons, and it’s an absolute treat to wander through the luscious woodland or tip-toe around the mutant caves.

Sons Of The Forest

For starters, the AI companion Kelvin has been greatly improved. Despite being deaf and brain-damaged from the crash, he’s eager to help players with whatever tasks they need him to do.

A hugely improved crafting system

Crafting, cooking and building in Sons Of The Forest is vastly improved, with a more intuitive system that’ll make it much easier to build. You’ll also be able to dig deeper into the game’s systems than you did in The Forest, which will allow you to create more nuanced structures. Improved enemy AI

One of the biggest changes to Sons Of The Forest’s enemies is that they’re actually more complex than you may expect. They can attack when you’re not looking, destroy your buildings and even tend to the needs of their fallen comrades.

New features

One new feature is that you can now hotkey weapons using the number keys on your inventory. This is an especially handy feature when you’re hunting down a monster, and it makes sniping much more fluid.

Sons Of The Forest has an impressive array of water-related content, including plants that restore your thirst when eaten. This is a great way to stay hydrated without having to worry about running back to mountain streams mid-exploration or dehydrating in a fight with mutants.

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Base building

Endnight Games’ survival horror sequel Sons Of The Forest is a terrifying experience from start to finish. It’s filled to the brim with cannibals and mutants, and its diegetic user interfaces and base building system are some of its most impressive features.

When you’re first starting out in the game, it’s important to find a good base location so you can stay safe from the monsters. If you don’t pick a good place, your shelter might be difficult to defend, or it may not have easy access to water and food.

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There are a few locations that are good for building your base in Sons Of The Forest, but you’ll want to choose wisely. The best places are ones that have unique strengths, are in an area that’s easier to get to, and don’t have too many weaknesses.

When you’re ready to begin building your base, Sons Of The Forest offers a simple blueprint system that allows you to create floors, walls, doors, and more. The game also uses an in-game Guide Book, which you can open by pressing the “B” key, to help you with your building tasks.


Having the right weapons can make or break your survival horror journey in Sons Of The Forest. With cannibals and mutants abound on this island, it’s essential that you are well-equipped.

Sons Of The Forest

There are a variety of melee and ranged weapons to choose from in this game. Some of these weapons can be crafted, while others are found during exploration.

One of the most powerful guns you’ll find is a shotgun, which can be a great option at close range. However, you will need to be resourceful when it comes to finding ammo.

AI system in Sons Of The Forest

The AI system in Sons Of The Forest is a big deal, and Endnight Games has put a lot of thought into making sure it’s not just a bland retread. One of the most impressive features is that enemies and companions can now make decisions based on their experiences and objectives.

This is a huge change and one that promises to break new ground when it comes to artificial intelligence in video games. It will make the world of Sons Of The Forest feel more alive but also a whole lot more threatening.

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Players will encounter a variety of creatures during their journey through the forest. These NPCs will have a wide range of emotions, including fear, anger, hunger and thirst.

These factors will influence their behaviour and actions, which can be a scary experience. However, it’s important to be careful and stay on your toes if you want to survive.

Story about Sons Of The Forest

Sons Of The Forest is the sequel to Endnight Games’ survival horror title, The Forest. In this sequel, players are stranded on a remote island after a helicopter crash, and must survive the cannibal creatures that inhabit it.

Sons Of The Forest

The premise is quite similar to the original game. However, the storyline takes a different turn in this one.

As a result, the game is not so much a sequel as an upgraded version of the first. That said, it still retains the twisted humour that made The Forest a hit.

During your travels, you’ll come across several other survivors, who all appear to be in the same situation as you are. This includes a deaf and brain-damaged survivor named Kelvin, who is an avid supporter of your adventure.

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