Guide-35 Legendary Chests In Hogwarts Castle And Hogsmeade

Shortly after starting your academia in Hogwarts and joining one of the four houses, you’ll be able to start finding chests stashed in various locations of the castle. Some are right out in the open, but many are hiding behind Arithmancy Puzzle Doors or other Hogwarts Secrets that takes some knowledge (and sometimes the right spell) to unlock.

Here’s the Hogwarts Legacy guide to help you find all the legendary chests in Hogwarts Castle and Hogsmeade.

Hogwarts Castle Collection Chest Sections

Hogwarts Castle SectionNumber of Collection Chests (35 Total)
The Astronomy Wing6 Chests
The Bell Tower Wing6 Chests
The Grand Staircase7 Chests
The Great Hall3 Chests
The Library Annex8 Chests
The South Wing5 Chests

See the sections below to find Collection Chests in each of the sections and wings of Hogwarts Castle, as well as checklists for keeping track of those you have found, and images of their locations, along with the spells you’ll need, or solutions to Arithmancy Puzzle Doors.

Basic Ideas of legendary chests

As discussed over, all Hogwarts Legacy famous breasts will certainly offer you fabulous equipment pieces. These scale based on your character’s level. It’s far better to hold off till much later in the project to make certain that your loot doesn’t come to be useless as you’re leveling up.

As with a lot of other containers, the benefits are randomized: you’re never ever certain of the item or equipment type you would certainly get. Because of this, you can do the save-reload method, where you’ll make a hands-on save prior to opening a chest to ensure that you get something you require.

Last but not least, a few of the Hogwarts Legacy fabulous breasts remain in areas that require to be unlocked. For these, you’ll need to acquire the Alohomora spell. Not only that, Alohomora additionally needs to be updated by collecting Demiguise Statues/Demiguise Moons in the video game world.

In any case, as soon as you really feel that you’re all set to start looting your high-end rewards, you can look into our overview listed below. We mainly focus on Hogwarts Castle as well as Hogsmeade, however there are other breasts in the wilderness, as well as dungeons that you’ll visit as part of the tale.

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Bell Tower Wing Legendary Chests

  • Bell Tower

Check the staircase to the right of the Floo Flame and climb up. You should pass by several bells, which are part of a different side quest/puzzle. At the very top of the wooden staircase, you’ll reach a balcony that has this chest. If you try to fly here from outside, you won’t be able to land.

Bell Tower Wing Legendary Chests
  • Hogwarts North Exit/Greenhouses

Make your way to the exterior of the Greenhouses. Below that, you’ll find an Astronomy Table, as well as a door that’s covered in vines. Burn the vines using Incendio so you can enter. Inside, you’ll find a lot of Devil’s Snare, so make sure you’re spamming your Incendio or Confringo to get past them. At the very end of the hallway, there’s a Venomous Tentacula. To the right, a ladder will take you to a separate room in the Greenhouses where you’ll find the chest.

Hogwarts North Exit/Greenhouses chests

Great Hall Legendary Chests

  • Viaduct Courtyard

This requires you to solve the Bridge/Viaduct Puzzle. Light the braziers using your fire spells and rotate their dials so that the numbers match the symbols shown on the ground plate.

Astronomy Wing Legendary Chests

  • Defense Against the Dark Arts (DADA) Classroom

Unlock the door at the back of the classroom and follow the staircase leading down (there’s also another locked door below). You’ll find this chest inside a detention cell.

South Wing Legendary Chests

  • Clock Tower Courtyard

This requires you to solve the Clock Tower Puzzle. Basically, there are four symbols above the clock’s hand/pendulum. You can use Glacius to freeze the hand as it moves near a symbol, which will then open a mechanical door.

There’s an Eye Chest on the second floor if you freeze the hand while it passes near the second symbol. As for the Hogwarts Legacy legendary chest, you’ll need to freeze it on the fourth symbol and head to a room near the top of the staircase.

  • Faculty Tower

Head to the Faculty Tower and climb the staircase. You’ll see a door with a level 3 lock.

Secret Rooms Legendary Chests

  • Map Chamber

The Hogwarts cellar can be accessed by going through several corridors, but it’s better to use the Map Chamber Floo Flame once you have access to it a few hours into the campaign. Just climb the steps to reach the cellar, then open the metal gate using Alohomora (Level 1).

You’ll see a frog statue here, which will swallow and spit you out elsewhere. Interact with the frog statues that you see and, eventually, you’ll reach a small room with a chest.

Grand Staircase Legendary Chests

  • Trophy Room (Corridor)

From the Floo Flame, continue along the corridor and climb up the staircase. You’ll find yourself in a hallway with walls decorated in mahogany. There’s a chest inside a room to your left.

chests in Trophy Room (Corridor)
  • Trophy Room (Headmaster’s Bedroom)

For this Hogwarts Legacy legendary chest, you need to complete a main quest called Niamh Fitzgerald’s Trial. This lets you say the password to the Phoenix gargoyle, giving you entry to the Headmaster’s Office. There are two doors to your left, one of which has a level 3 lock. Open it and check the Headmaster’s Bedroom.

  • Trophy Room (Key of Admittance)

For this one, you need the Key of Admittance. You can get it by opening the other door in the Headmaster’s Office. It has a level 1 lock, but the door at the top of the steps has a level 3 lock. Pick up the Key of Admittance, then make your way to the opposite side of where the Phoenix gargoyle used to be. There’s an ornate door here with multiple locks. The Key of Admittance will open it, allowing you to grab the chest inside.

Hogsmeade Legendary Chests

These are the Hogwarts Legacy legendary chests found in Hogsmeade Village. One can be unlocked early on, while others require you to have Alohomora and some upgrades.

  • Honeydukes

There’s a room with a level 2 lock next to the main entrance to Honeydukes. It has a legendary chest.

chests in Honeydukes
  • Hogsmeade House

Check the house with the level 3 lock to the right of the South Hogsmeade fast travel point.

  • Flutes and Lutes

Next to that house, you’ll see a shop called Flutes and Lutes. There’s a legendary chest behind the shop.

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