Esports Betting Legal or not in India in 2023?

  • Is esports betting legal in India? The legality?
  • Can I bet on esports games online?
  • How to bet on esports match or tournament?

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The growing popularity of esports has led to a number of betting companies springing up, particularly in India. However, there are also a number of concerns about the legality of these betting services.

Esports Betting Legal or not in India?

Esports Betting Legal or not in India?

As usual, highlight for the first to save your time:

  • There’s no certain law to regulate the esports betting.
  • It’s better to use a betting site which is outside from India.
  • Yes, you can do esports betting safely online in India.

The legality of eSports betting in India is a matter of conjecture. However, it is clear that the industry is gaining momentum. It is estimated that 100 million Indians will participate in eSports events by 2020. Moreover, the prize money that will be awarded to winners will be worth millions of dollars.

The industry has evolved exponentially in the last two decades. In the coming years, it will become a big part of the Indian economy. This will have a direct impact on the legislation that governs it.

Esports is a relatively new phenomenon. It is also not well regulated. As a result, some states have banned it while others have legalized it. Still, most esports enthusiasts are unaware of the laws governing it.

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Interestingly, the Legality of eSports betting in India varies from state to state. For example, in Maharashtra, gambling online is prohibited. Although, some states have legalized online gambling.

Not Regulated at the Federal Level

In addition, eSports is not regulated at the federal level. Therefore, several states have the power to control Esports on their own. Even though Esports is not illegal, a lot of complications can arise from a lack of regulatory policies. Hence, the Government of India is expected to enact some new gambling rules in the near future.

Online Betting & Gambling Are Not Totally Regulated

While some states have not enacted laws to regulate online gambling, the Prime Minister has acknowledged the growing importance of gaming. He has spoken about the need for uniformity in gambling laws.

The NITI Aayog has brought forward the Guiding Principles for uniform regulation of fantasy games. Besides, there is the Data Privacy Bill pending consideration by the Justice B.N. Srikrishna Committee. Regardless of the legislative process, esports will have to compete with other forms of gambling in order to stay afloat.

However, eSports betting in India is still unregulated. If you want to place an eSports bet in India, it is best to check out a reliable platform that does not originate from India. Additionally, you will need to ensure that the website you choose to use has the proper licenses.

Lastly, it is important to remember that esports is a game of skill. It is not a speculative one like some card games.

Format and structure of esports contests

Esports contests are played on a match-to-match basis, with each game typically involving a number of players. The outcome is largely determined by gaming proficiency. Gaming proficiency is assessed using a ranking system.

Some popular esports franchises include Street Fighter, Counter-Strike, Overwatch, and League of Legends. A number of tournaments take place worldwide. In some multinational events in Asia, esports competitions are featured alongside traditional sports.

A number of esports leagues have been formed to promote and support esports. Players are able to participate in these leagues and share in the earnings. However, participation in these competitions can limit a player’s salary potential. Depending on the league, teams may need to meet a certain salary requirement or provide a certain number of hours to the league in order to qualify.

Esports is a growing industry that has many similarities to traditional sports. It has a large and global audience. Although it is not yet a fully developed industry, it has gained popularity in the United States and Europe.

Aside from the fact that esports are more competitive than other sports, there are some important differences between them. These differences can be seen in the format and structure of esports contests.


There are two main types of esports tournaments. Double elimination (DE) and single elimination (SE). Both involve a round-robin style of play, but DE is much more widely accepted and less punishing.


Round-robins are the most common group stage format. They are designed for both team-based and individual based esports. Team-based esports usually use promotion to promote the tournament, while the individual esports tournaments are generally more casual.

In the single elimination bracket, the winner is the one who is able to win the most games. This is followed by a second grand final for the winners of the initial bracket. If a team loses its first grand final, they are eliminated and shifted to the lower bracket.

There are two major esports tournaments: North American Major League Gaming (NMLG) and World Cyber Games (WCG). Each tournament uses the Pro Circuit to qualify for its championship event.

Many esports tournaments have been arranged by the game developers. For instance, the Clash Royale esports league was established by Supercell to attract a variety of teams.

esports betting terms and conditions

The esports betting industry in India is a booming business and the market is gaining traction. As of now, the esports betting industry is worth nearly $818 million. Several esports betting websites offer different types of bets. Some betting sites even accept virtual sports bets.

One of the most exciting features of esports is the competition amongst players. In addition to the competition, esports players have the opportunity to earn millions of dollars in prize money. Those lucky enough to make it to the finals often reap the rewards. Fortunately for them, the competition is stiff. For instance, the top players in Intel Extreme Masters attract 400 million viewers worldwide.

On the regulatory front, esports is a state subject, and one state cannot govern the whole shebang on its own. However, the Esports Federation of India is charged with governing esports activities in the country. It is not surprising that esports is a huge commercial and social phenomenon, with millions of enthusiasts flocking to esports tournaments to compete for the coveted golden ticket. With a burgeoning market, the esports industry is a good bet for the future of gambling in the country.

It is also a great way for the gambling industry to promote skill development, innovation and competition. Esports betting is a nascent industry, and one state can do little to curtail it. Nonetheless, a well designed esports betting infrastructure will do wonders to the esports biz. Until then, esports betting in India may remain the realm of opportunists and rogues. Hopefully, the next wave of players will make it a household name. To that end, esports betting sites in India can only be expected to rise in size and popularity over the coming years.

esports betting providers

Indian esports fans can bet on a number of esports titles, including Counter-Strike, Call of Duty, League of Legends, and Overwatch. They can also place bets on international tournaments. Several top-rated foreign esports betting sites accept Indian customers. However, these sites are technically breaking the law.

Unlike most countries, esports gambling is not regulated in India. This is due to an act of parliament that does not specifically prohibit online sports betting. It is a grey area, however, and some banks and card companies block sports bets.

The best esports betting sites in India will offer competitive odds, in-play betting options, and a wide range of esports titles. They will also have new customer offers and existing customer deals. In addition, some esports betting websites will feature live streaming of a variety of games, as well as a dedicated esports section.

Until better regulation is established in India, the best place for Indian esports bettors to get their wagers is with offshore online betting sites. Some of the most popular betting websites for Indian customers include Betway, MostBet, and Pinnacle. All three of these sites are based abroad, meaning they are legally operating in foreign jurisdictions.

Many of these websites operate under licenses from the United Kingdom Gambling Commission and Malta Gaming Authority. While these laws allow for offshore companies to operate in tax free locations, they do not directly govern online sports betting in India. Still, many reputable foreign betting sites are available to Indian players, providing a safe and secure environment.

For a safer and more convenient betting experience, consider using a VPN. This will give you a different IP address and keep your personal information secure. As more esports betting providers emerge in India, it will be easier to find a site that meets your needs.

As for the most popular esports betting deposit options for Indians, the two most common choices are e-wallets and pre-paid services. E-wallets, such as Skrill, are often the easiest way to make deposits and withdrawals. Also, e-wallets are supported by most esports betting websites.

To ensure that your esports bets are safe and secure, always check out the legal documents, odds, and other important factors.