BMOC Round 4 Group 1: Overall standings, overview, top 6 BGMI teams qualify for BMPS Season 1

The initial day of the BMOC Round 4 finished with the top 6 teams from Group 1 qualifying for BMPS Season 1 Global Esports controlled throughout the day, gathering 109 points in six matches. Big Brother Esports ended up second place with 81 points, adhered to by Initiative Academy.

BMOC Round 4 day 1 Group 1 teams

Team INS as well as Hydra Official also had a good day as both groups made it to the BMPS. GOG Esports secured sixth location with 42 points, consisting of 26 placement points

The Orangutan additionally had 42 points Sadly, the team took just 22 positioning factors and also finished 7th area. Revenge Esports was available in 8th place while Chemin Esports ordered 12th place.

General standings of BMOC Round 4 Group 1

  1. Global Esports – 109 points
  2. Big Brother Esports – 81 factors
  3. Initiative Academy – 66 points
  4. Group INS – 63 factors.
  5. Hydra Official – 62 factors.
  6. GOG Esports – 42points
  7. Orangutan – 42points
  8. Retribution Esports – 39points
  9. Bhule Bhatke – 38 points
  10. Faith – 37 points
  11. Elite Squad – 31 factors
  12. Chemin Esports – 31 factors
  13. Team P6 – 30points
  14. The Unstoppables – 27points
  15. Team Mayhem – 11 points
  16. Team OneKnockPush – 5 points

BMOC Group 1 review

Worldwide Esports put up a controling performance in the first match of Erangel by getting hold of a 24-kill-chicken supper. They built up 39 points in their very first match. Underdog team GOG Esports lagged them in second place with 5 finishes. Orangutan came third with 5 frags.

Owned by prominent YouTuber Dynamo Gaming, Hydra Official secured 4th location with four finishes. Retribution as well as Chemin Esports gathered only 3 and also 2 factors, respectively.

Big Brother Esports took a nine-kill poultry supper in the 2nd match being used the Miramar map. Global Esports once again carried out well by safeguarding second area. The side gathered 59 factors in their 2 games.

Vengeance can be found in 3rd with seven frags while Chemin Esports ordered 5th location. Orangutan were gotten rid of previously with only one kill point.

Effort Academy won the third suit on Sanhok map with 8 surfaces. Big Brother came second while Orangutan made a mistake in the final fight and also held 3rd area. Chemin Esports collected 4 points. OG Drigger was the MVP of the match with 3 kills.

It was the second chicken dinner for Initiative Academy. The side took 11 coatings in which their gamer Blazy2K grabbed 5 kills. GOG Esports asserted second location with 7 eliminations, adhered to by Team INS.

International secured eight surfaces. They were removed earlier. Orangutan, Chemin and Revenge Esports had a bad suit. GE Nakul got hold of the MVP award with six coatings.

With securing 7 finishes, Big Brother Esports arised successful in the 5th suit after beating INS in a four vs. 3 battle. Revenge Esports and Global Esports built up 9 points each, while Orangutan once again had terrible performances. Rvng Akshay was the MVP with 3 removals.

Hydra Official asserted the last of Group 1 with 12 coatings. Global Esports protected 2nd area, followed by Big Brother Esports.

source sportskeeda