BMOC 2023 Registration Link,Date,Format,Time Schedule

Do you still remember the Battlegrounds Mobile India Open Challenge (BMOC) held by Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI) in 2022? After a wonderful battle, many professional players not only brought wonderful games to the audience, but also took away prize money.

Regarding the official news of BMOC 2023, although the BGMI official has not yet released an announcement, the vast player community has already begun to look forward to the excitement of the next season. Let’s take a look at the expected information about BMOC 2023.

BMOC 2023

BMOC 2023 Registration Overview

If you want to participate in BMOC 2023, you must first go to the official website of BGMI to register. However, it seems that BGMI official has not released the registration form for BMOC 2023. We will update here at any time, so it is recommended that you keep an eye on it and don’t miss important events. information.

Game NameBattleGrounds Mobile India (BGMI)
PublisherKrafton Inc.
Event NameBGMI Open Challenge or BMOC
BGMI BMOC Registration Start DateMarch 2023
Last Date for BGMI Open Challenge RegistrationMarch 2023
BMOC Prize PoolRs 2 Crore
Available inIndia Only
Player Level Required25 level
Total Matches15 Matches
BGMI Open Challenge Registration Official

Regarding the qualifications for BMOC 2023, you need to pay special attention to the fact that players must be 16 years old or above to be eligible to register for the competition, and teams need to have 6 people to participate in the competition.

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BMOC 2023 Registration Date

As we said above, BGMI has not officially announced the correct registration & competition time. Here we provide the registration process and screen of BMOC 2022, so that you can understand the relevant information in advance.

The BMOC 2023 Registration Date is expected to open online applications in March 2023. The whole series of match will be held basically from April to June. Here’s the time schedule of BMOC 2022 as your reference to expect BMOC 2023:

  • In-Game Qualifiers : 4-10 April
  • BMOC (Battlegrounds Mobile India Open Challenge) : 21 April-15 May
  • BMPS (Battlegrounds Mobile India Pro Series) : 19 May-12 June

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BMOC 2023 Registration Link

If you have a little confidence in your performance in BGMI, and you have a well-coordinated team to fight together, and strive to advance towards the chicken dinner, you may consider participating in the BMOC 2023 competition. The official BGMI website will release the exact details in early 2023. Registration link and form, timetable and competition schedule, we will put the official website link of BGMI here for you to register and use at that time.

Esports EventBGMI Open Challenge
Estimated Event TimeApril-June 2023
Estimated Registration TimeMarch 2023
Official Registration

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BMOC 2023 Format

In the same format as last year, BMOC 2023 will hold a qualifying competition first. Players who want to participate must form a team of 6 to participate in the competition. After passing the qualifying stage, the next stage of the competition will be held, and the player with the most points will win Victory, at the same time, individual players can also compete for the MVP of BMOC 2023 with their personal performance, and there will be prizes like the top 3 teams.

The game is divided into three stages as usual, you have to stand out in the qualifying rounds before you can enter the next stage to face stronger opponents:

In-Game Qualifiers

Players who have registered for BMOC will have to play 15 matches with their registered team members over the given time period. The top 10 of 15 matches will be considered for evaluation and scored accordingly.

In case of a tie, parameters such as finishedm survival time, accuracy, etc will be considered as well. Top 512 teams will qualify for the next round. Note that only the first 15 matches played wuth registered team members shall be deemed valid.

Battlegrounds Mobile India Open Challenge (BMOC)

In the BMOC stage, the game is divided into 4 rounds in total, and 512 teams will be divided into different groups, and at least half or 3/4 of the participating teams will be eliminated in each round.

In the first and second rounds, the participating teams in each group must play 5 matches on a specific date. In the third round, each team must play 6 matches; in the fourth round, each team must play 4 matches, and the last 6 teams can enter the BMPS, which is the final competition of BGMI.

RoundGroupsTeamsEach Has to PlayQualify to the next
1325125 matchesTop 8 teams from each group
2162565 matchesTop 4 teams from each group
34646 matchesTop 8 teams from each group
44324 matchesTop 6 teams from each group

Battlegrounds Mobile India Pro Series(BMPS)

  • League Stage

To the final stage of BGMI competetion, 24 teams qualified from BMOC will be divided into 3 groups who will compete against each other in a round robin format. A set of 24 round robins will be played by each group.

The top 16 squads with the highest cumulative points will move towards the Grand Finals.

  • Grand Finals

Top 16 teams qualifying from League Satge will play 24 mathces over a period of 4 days. The suqad with highest cumulative score at the end of 24 mathces shall be declared a the winner of BMPS, aka the Battlegrounds Mobile India Pro Series.

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BMOC 2022 Recap

In case you forgot, we are here to help you recap the top few of BMOC 2022:

BMOC 2022 Winner- Orangutan Gaming

With a great performance, Orangutan Gaming won Battlegrounds Mobile Open Challenge BMOC The Grind, a practise scrim. The team gained the lead on the first day and didn’t relinquish it until the very last match. Orangutan scored 266 points with the help of three chicken meals. The team was also the most aggressive in the event, with 138 kills.

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Overall standings of BMOC 2022 The Grind Finals

The top 5 teams are Orangutan, Team Soul, OR esports, Nigma Galaxy, and TSM. To people’s surprise, TSM actually starts the final at the bottom position, and they eventually finished the matches in the fifth place with 220 points. TSM was the second most aggressive team which performanced 121 kills.

Without a doubt, Ninja from TSM is the finals MVP, and he was the only player to reach 10,000 damage in the final battle of BMOC.

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Team XO really did not succeed in the finals, completing in 7th area with 84 eliminates and also 201 points.

Global Esports was the only team to complete outside of the top 10 without getting a chicken supper, while GodLike Esports can be found in 10th.

Group XSpark finished in 14th location after yet an additional disappointing initiative.

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Prize pool distribution for BMOC The Grind Finals

The prize pool for the event was 3,15,000 INR. The following is a breakdown of the prize pool:

  1. Winner: INR 1,50,000 – Orangutan Gaming
  2. 2nd Place: INR 75,000 – Team SouL
  3. 3rd Place: INR 50,000 – OR Esports

As the e-sports industry becomes more and more popular, we also expect that the prize of BMOC 2023 can be increased to increase the opportunities for more outstanding e-sports teams to participate. For the vast number of BGMI players and e-sports audiences in India, it will be It is a great benefit.

Most Valuable Player

  • MVP: INR 40,000 – TSM Ninja

Ninja has once again demonstrated why he is quickly becoming a household name in BMOC. The player managed to kill 49 people with around 10,500 HP of damage. In addition, his average survival time is near 20 minutes, the most on the list. All of these numbers won him the title of MVP of the finals, as well as a financial reward of 40k INR.

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