BGMI Mirror World Tips-Killing with Arcane Heros in Super Exciting Special Theme

Mirror World is the name of the new theme, which showcases PUBG Mobile’s substantial collaboration with Arcane.

BGMI Mirror World Tips

Mirror World Mode Preview

Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI), the Indian version of PUBG developed by Krafton, has released an updated version with a theme called Mirror World Mode that showcases PUBG Mobile’s substantial partnership with Arcane.

The new Mirror World can be used in the three maps of Erangel, Sanhok and Livik. When you enter the map for a while, you will see the Mirror Island in the sky through the wind wall on the ground, and you can enter the Mirror World from there Mode.

Once you enter this mode, your character will transform into one of the four League of Legend (LOL) and Arcane characters – Vi, Jinx, Jayce and Caitlyn.

In this new world, you can use the weapons and skills of Arcane characters simultaneously Come to kill monsters, if the character exchanges the shards with other combat items, you can get “Hextech Crystals” as a reward, once the game time is over or the player dies, you will leave Mirror World Mode and return to normal mode.

BGMI Mirror World

For Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI) gamers, the 1.7 update adds a brand new theme. The update comes to the rescue of gamers, as it promises a safer PC gaming experience and more reliable safety and security systems that will keep cyberpunk away from mobile video games.

This mode has indeed ignited the enthusiasm of many players. They all want to win the game in BGMI Mirror World, and the faster and more exciting game rhythm has attracted the attention of more players who love to challenge.

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How to enter Mirror World Mode?

  1. Visit to Battlegrounds Mobile India.
  2. After getting involved in the game, check the RP goals. The video game gets more intriguing with the Elite Royale Pass.
  3. Download and install the motif maps from the download option.
  4. Select Mirror World theme Erangel.
  5. Play the map.
  6. At the start, the players would be impressed to see a hot air balloon instead of the plane lugging the players of BGMI.
  7. Locate numerous markers on the map, which show a flow to the Mirror World. They have timers.
  8. Once the timer is down to zero, the white rays around the passage would transform blue which show that the Mirror World in BGMI is currently open.
  9. Upon standing over the passage method, players will be automatically transport to the Mirror World as well as turn into an Arcane Hero.
  10. The steps are to be duplicated three times to complete the mission.

How to find Jinx, Vi, and Jayce in BGMI?

Right here’s a thorough overview on how to complete the mission in Mirror World x Arcane mode:

  1. Comply with the actions to change right into a Hero.
  2. After stepping into the Mirror World, beware of real adversaries who have actually turned into heroes too.
  3. If attacked by other players, look for green health remedies to increase health.
  4. Look for Jinx, Vi, and Jayce.
  5. Go in the direction of them and also click on the “Talk” choice.
  6. Repeat the steps thrice to complete the RP mission.

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What is the mission in Mirror World mode?

If you are a BGMI player, you have probably heard about Mirror World mode. It is a new feature that was introduced in the 1.7 update. You can get a chance to earn a Dance Champion Outfit and other special rewards.

To enter the Mirror World, players need to first enable the “Mode” box. Then, they can follow some steps. In addition to the standard gameplay, Mirror World is also a good opportunity to gain kill points. These points can help you boost your rank and win zone fights.

Another advantage of the mode is that you can use the piggyback feature. This will allow you to revive your downed teammates. However, you will have a slow carrying speed.

You will also need to collect Hextech Crystals. These crystals can be exchanged for various battle items. For example, they can be used to summon supply drops or used as dynaHex supplies.

In addition to the mode, the BGMI update also brings several other features. Some of the highlights include a new Royale Pass, an improved security system, and new gameplay mechanics.

BGMI has also introduced a Special Guests Event. This will run for over a month. It will bring back Arcane-V, Jayce, Caitlyn, and other renowned characters.

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BGMI Tips and Tricks to Win Mirror World Mode Easily

1) Play a team and land on the flying island

Flying islands in BGMI’s Mirrorworld themed map represent the Flying Temple in PUBG Mobile 2020’s Rise of the Pharaohs mode. On the other hand, the Flying Islands in the mirror world are more popular drops.

Due to the abundance of loot on the flying island, countless squads descended on this place one after another. Flying Island familiarizes players with early battles and warm descents. This helps boost their self-confidence. In the BGMI themed mode set, this confidence leads to easy wins.

It should be noted that the BGMI players who were defeated on the drifting island were sent to the original place and needed to endure in the original place. On the other hand, the surface increases the number of islands.

2) Correct use of shields and blue crystals

On BGMI’s Mirror World map, the Riot Shield can be valuable for an easy win. Players can use the riot shield to take cover or heal in combat, depending on their needs.

The blue treasure in the mirror world is very important. When players need supplies such as ammunition, medicine, equipment or tools, they can use blue crystals to mobilize supply airdrops.

3) Look for opponents near the mirror world portal

Eliminating your opponents on your way to the Mirror World is one of the smartest ways to win in Mirror World mode. When the countdown reaches absolutely nothing, the mirror world opens and players rush to the portal in an attempt to become heroes.

A large group of players flocked to the gate, and players who watched from afar were easily eliminated. Not only does this improve their completion score, but it also provides fewer challengers and better gear in exchange for “chicken dinners.”

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What’s more in 1.7.0 update?

New Features

The update brings in a number of new features that will roll out later in the month. The most awaited is the piggyback feature, which will allow players to pick up a downed teammate or enemy. This will help players carry the downed player to a safe place and revive them. But take note, the carrying speed will be slow, you will not be able to use items or weapons during carrying and the downed player will continue to lose health.

The new grenade indicator will allow players to judge the exact location of the grenade. The update has also adjusted the weapon balance for SLR, SKS, mini14, VSS, and DP28 guns.

The company has also announced that it will soon be bringing back fan favourite modes including the Vikendi map, Metro Royale, Survive Til Dawn and more.

New events and collaborations

BGMI 1.7.0 update brings in a number of events, starting with Mirror World events, where players can get Arcane character skins, Arcane emotes, and items.

Another event that we are excited about is the “You’ll Never Walk Alone,” which is in partnership with Liverpool FC. During the event, players will be able to win various rewards including the Liverpool FC parachute, the Liverpool FC backpack, and the Liverpool FC jersey.

During the Recall event, players will get Recall tokens for playing with eight friends. These tokens can be exchanged for rewards like SCAR-L Malachite.

BGMI Royale Pass

With the 1.7.0 update, Krafton is rolling out BGMI Royale Pass Month 5. The Pass is priced starting at 360 UC, and is currently available inside of the game. Players will be able to get the Katarina Leader or the Black Circus outfits during the season. Apart from these skins, Kar98 and MK47 skins are also making a comeback.

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