BGMI:Mirror World in Battlegrounds Mobile India

The mirror world in BGMI is a new feature that will allow players to see a different world, but it does come with some caveats. This is why it’s important to read up on the details of this unique feature. It will help you determine whether or not you want to spend your hard-earned cash on it.

BGMI:Mirror World in Battlegrounds Mobile India

PUBG Mobile 2020’s Rise of the Pharaohs mode

In the latest Battlegrounds Mobile India update (BGMI), players have gotten a taste of the newest game mode, the Mirror World. It’s an all new feature that has been designed to offer a better, more secure mobile gaming experience.

The game’s developers have given the mode, the mirror world, its own little spin by adding a slew of cool rewards to the mix. Aside from the standard XP and coins, the crate contains Pharaoh’s Scarab Parachute, Pharaoh’s Regalia Backpack, and a Pharaoh’s Gemstone Grenade. This crate also features an exclusive lobby, so players can share their accomplishments.

Not to be left out is the other notable game mode, the Ancient Secret. Like its predecessor, the ancient secret is an alluring mystery that invites you to take a gander at an unknown civilization.

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The most awe inspiring aspect of the ancient secret is its ability to give you the illusion of a real life pharaoh. In PUBG Mobile 2020, the ancient secret will appear during the Pharaoh Rises event later this year.

While the Golden Pharaoh X-Suit is not the only outfit that will give you the golden touch, it is the first to receive an upgrade. As an added bonus, it includes a spawn island. Combined with the other perks mentioned in this article, you can wreak havoc on the battlegrounds of India without worrying about a single hitch.

Having played a fair amount of BGMI‘s version of the mobile shooter, I’d say it’s definitely the best of the mobile era. It’s got a ton of content including a new map, a better weather system, and new buildings, buildings, buildings.

Flying islands

Flying islands are a new mode set in BGMI. These islands feature unique terrain and are available in specific themed maps. They are known for their hot-drops, as well as their abundance of loot.

To get started in BGMI, players can buy the Royale Pass Month 5. It’s available inside the game and starts at 360 UC.

The latest version of BGMI includes several updates, including a new mode, a new playground, and a revamped bunker. In addition, it features a racking minigame and improved audio quality.

A special guest event will run for several weeks. During this period, players will be able to find the new Arcane-V skin and the Black Circus outfit.

Several new features will also be added to the game. These include a racking minigame, a new playground, and a wider map. This will allow players to enjoy a solo drive, as well as compete in races.

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The Holi Dhamaka update will also include two new Sky Islands. One will have an ice castle, while the other will feature a pyramid. Each island will have four sectors. Depending on the type of the island, a certain colour of Hex Shop coin will appear.

Players who are defeated on these islands will be sent to the main map, been left out of the mirror world. Finishing points up on an island will raise its count, as well as your overall island count.

Blue treasure

If you’ve played BGMI, you might have seen the new Mirror World Mode. It’s a new feature that was added in the 1.7 update. The mode is available in three locations: Erangel, Sanhok, and Livik.

The Mirror World mode has a few things to offer. For one, it’s one of the game’s most interesting modes. Not only does it feature unique loot, it’s also a good chance to pick up a few kill points.

Another cool thing about the mode is the use of Arcane characters. When you switch to an Arcane character, you’ll get a little bit of help. They can do things like kill monsters on Mirror Island and shard items.

Aside from the new Mirror World Mode, the update also brings back Survive Til Dawn and Metro Royale. Several other features were also introduced, including a new Royale Pass.

The Mirror World mode has garnered a lot of attention from players, especially with the new Royale Pass. While there’s no official release date for the Royale Pass yet, you can already purchase it from within the game. The Royale Pass costs 360 UC and offers several unique rewards.

You’ll need a bit of luck to pick up some of the special prizes. But, the most exciting prize is the piggyback feature, which lets you revive fallen teammates. This is a big deal in a multiplayer game, as you’ll only have a small window of time to grab them, and you’ll need to be careful not to damage them as you carry them to safety.

Hextech Crystals

Hextech Crystals are a new Battlegrounds Mobile India feature. They can be used to buy special items from the Dynahex Supply Store.

Players can earn Hextech Crystals by defeating Arcane Monsters in the game. These monsters can be found in various locations on the Erangel map.

When a player enters the Mirror World, he or she will be transformed into one of four League of Legends characters. Each character has its own special abilities. It also comes equipped with a variety of weapons, which you can use to kill the Arcane Monsters.

Once a player reaches the end of the playtime, he or she will be returned to the normal battlegrounds. However, this is not the end of the story. Unlike other Battlegrounds Mobile India updates, BGMI 1.7 will bring a number of special features.

The most important one is the piggyback feature. This will allow players to carry knocked out teammates back to the battlefield. However, this will limit players’ ability to ride vehicles. In addition, they will lose health at a slower rate.

Another feature is the grenade indicator. Using this feature, you will be able to determine where the grenade will spawn. Moreover, you will be able to judge how far away the grenade is from your position.

There are two other new features: Mirror World and the Wind Wall. If you want to enter the Zaund Mirror Island, you will need to first pass through the Wind Barrier.

Feature of riot shields

The new BGMI update includes a brand new theme, new gameplay mechanics and a new mode called Mirror World. This feature promises to bring an even safer PC gaming experience to players.

Players will also get a brand new Royale Pass and a Special Guests Event. These features are coming to Battlegrounds Mobile India in its 1.7 update.

In addition to the BGMI update, Krafton is working with Riot Games on some upcoming content. This means that players will be able to use the “Riot Shield”, which is currently in development.

A riot shield is a protective device designed to deflect projectiles such as glass bottles, bricks and sticks. It can also be used to heal or take cover.

Modern riot shields were designed specifically to protect law enforcement. These shields are usually made of polycarbonate or transparent polycarbonate and are light. They can be used in both urban and rural anti-riot operations.

The weight of a riot shield depends on the thickness and features of the shield. However, it must be light enough to be used quickly and to effectively block projectiles.

Riot shields are usually round or rectangular. They are about 20 to 24 inches wide and 24 to 36 inches long. They can be made of metal or plastic. Some shields have holes drilled into them for officers to see through.

A riot shield can be customized with nameplates that identify the department. It can also be fitted with a take down tactical handle to deliver OC aerosol spray.


If you have been playing the latest version of Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI), then you have probably noticed that there are new events and gameplay changes. BGMI has been revamped with features like a League of Legends-inspired mode and Arcane emotes. It has also added more security features to ensure a secure gaming experience.

The latest update has been rolled out by Krafton, the developer of Battlegrounds Mobile India. A hotfix has been released to fix a bug that prevented players from claiming the Mirror World lobby theme.

This update will also bring back the Vikendi map and Survive Til Dawn mode. There will also be an exclusive “You’ll Never Walk Alone” event featuring Liverpool FC. During the event, players will be able to win Liverpool FC-branded items and outfits.

You’ll Never Walk Alone will begin on November 20. Players will have the chance to win amazing rewards such as a backpack and a parachute.

BGMI 1.7 introduces a new feature: the grenade indicator. This will allow players to judge where a grenade is and escape if they’re in danger.

Several squads will drop on the Mirror World themed map. BGMI players will have to kill these enemies to get better loot and finish points.

To enter the Mirror World, players will have to use the Wind Wall on the ground. They can also rush to the portal when the countdown reaches zero. Once they reach the Mirror World, they will transform into an Arcane hero.