BGMI Master Series 2022-Format, Prize, and Results

Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI) is one of the most popular games in the country. The BGMI Master Series is an offline tournament organised by NODWIN Gaming in collaboration with Star Sports, with a prize pool of ₹1,50,00,000 INR. NODWIN Gaming’s BGMI Master Series 2022 started on June 24 and ended with a grand finale event on July 17.

BGMI Master Series 2022-Format, Prize, and Results

This month-long tournament had an enormous prize pool of INR 1.5 crore and also became the first LAN esports tournament to be broadcasted on TV. NODWIN collaborated with Star Sports to bring the tournament to millions of fans. Moreover, Glance Live and Loco enabled digital distribution of the event.


  • The BGMI Masters Collection 2022: Grand Finals (Week 4) is prepared to happen from 13th to 17th July, featuring a prize pool of INR 75,00,000.
  • The BGMS 2022: Grand Finals (Week 4) will certainly consist of a total of 20 suits being played across 5 days, four maps every day.
  • Below is the complete details for the BGMS 2022: Grand Finals (Week 4) consisting of match outcomes, general standings, schedule, format, as well as extra.

BGMI Masters Series 2022 Overview

Slated to turn into one of the biggest Indian esports tournaments of the year, BGMS 2022 is a special competitors as it will certainly be televised on Star Sports 2 while additionally being relayed reside on LOCO. Below is everything you require to learn about the last and 4th week of this ongoing mega occasion.

After a successful first two weeks of the league stage, BGMI Masters Series 2022 enters its grand finals phase. With the top 16 teams from the overall rankings now qualifying for the grand finals, this is going to be one of the most exciting esports tournaments in India this year!

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Nodwin Gaming has partnered with Star Sports, a leading television sports channel, to bring esports to television. The BGMI Masters Series is a three-week-long premier LAN tournament featuring 24 invited Indian teams and a prize pool of 1.5 crore INR.

Week 1

Star Sports and NODWIN Gaming have come together to present India’s first-ever televised esports tournament, the BGMI Masters Series 2022. The three-week-long premier LAN event is live on television and digitally via Glance Live and Loco.

During the first week of broadcast, the BGMI Masters Series broke viewership records on Indian television. The competition garnered 1.2 million impressions, which surpassed the total viewership of international events like Australian Open Day 1, French Open Day 1 and UEFA Champions League semi-finals!

Week 2

Taking place in Delhi, India from June 24 to July 17, the BGMI Masters Series 2022 is one of the most popular Indian esports tournaments. In its first week, it garnered 1.2 million impressions and 12 million views across the country.

The 24-team tournament is divided into two stages: weekly qualifiers and weekly finals. All teams will play a total of eight matches during the weekly qualifiers, and only the top 16 teams will advance to the weekly finals.

Day 2 of the BGMI Master Series 2022 saw a lot of action and ferocious competition as teams waged battles for a spot in the grand finals. Team Godlike climbed to the top of the leaderboard with 47 points.

Week 3

After a successful first two weeks where Skylightz Esports and Team XO took home the top spots, BGMI Masters Series 2022 is back with another round of action. This time around, 24 BGMI teams will be competing in the third week of the tournament which will run from 4th to 10th July.

Featuring a total prize pool of INR 25,00,000 ($31,934 USD), BGMI Master Series 2022 is divided into two stages – the weekly qualifier stage and the weekly finals. Here is all you need to know about the event including group division, match results, schedule, overall standings, and more.

Week 4

The BGMI Master Series 2022 is one of the biggest Indian esports tournaments ever. It started on June 24th and ended on July 17th with a grand finale event on the Star Sports 2 channel.

The four-week tournament has so far showcased top-notch action from 24 of the best BGMI teams. Each week a new team topped the weekly final leaderboard.

Now the final week of the BGMI Master Series is upon us, and a massive prize pool of 75 lakh INR awaits the winners. The grand finals will be held from 13th July to 17th July.

Week 5

So far, the BGMI Masters Series 2022 has witnessed some of the best action from 24 teams from across India. Each week, a new team has triumphed on the weekly final leaderboard.

The league stage of the tournament has now concluded with 16 top teams from the overall rankings qualifying for the Grand Finals. These teams will battle it out for a massive prize pool of 75,00,000 INR and the much-coveted BGMS trophy.

Streaming live on Loco, BGMI Master Series 2022 is set to become one of the biggest Indian esports tournaments of the year. Watch a non-stop display of esports action from a select group of teams, as they fight it out for the title of BGMI LAN Champions!

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Teams (Qualified)

The BGMS 2022 had actually started with 24 directly welcomed groups which throughout the launch week (week one) and also the league phase (week two as well as three) has actually dwindled down the competition to the top 16 groups for the final stage.

The 16 groups that will be taking on each other in the BGMS 2022: Grand Finals are as follows,

PositionTeamMatchesWWCDTotal Points
1Team GodLike172192
2Team Enigma Forever171167
4Team SouL171157
5Chemin Esports171151
6Skylightz Gaming170146
7Global Esports172144
8Enigma Gaming171136
9Team XO171124
10Team Insane Esports171117
11Blind Esports17094
12OR Esports17193
13Nigma Galaxy17193
15FS Esports17081
16Revenant Esports17173


There are 2 stages of the BGMI Master Series: League Stage and Grand Finals.

The four-week-long tournament will certainly have a layout of Qualifiers as well as Weekly Finals. The very first three days will be the launch week, while the third and also second weeks will certainly feature the Qualifiers as well as Weekly Finals respectively.

In the Qualifiers stage, the leading 24 teams will certainly fight it out for the leading 16 Weekly Finals areas. The Grand Finals will be played from 13 to 17 July 2022, and will certainly consist of the leading 16 groups from the overall Weekly Finals standings (Week 1 + week 2 Finals + Week 3 Finals).

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The BGMS 2022: Grand Finals (Week 4) will follow a straightforward battle royale format unlike the previous stages which comprised of ‘weekly qualifier’ and ‘weekly finals’. All the 16 finalists will go up against each other in every single match, playing a total of four maps every single day for a total of five days, starting from 13th July and going all the way till 17th July.

The team with the highest total points at the end of all the matches will be crowned as the champion of BGMS 2022.


Week 4 (Grand Finals) | 13th to 17th July

  • 13th July, Wed – 20:00 to 23:30 IST
  • 14th July, Thu – 20:00 to 23:30 IST
  • 15th July, Fri – 20:00 to 23:30 IST
  • 16th July, Sat – 20:00 to 23:30 IST
  • 17th July, Sun – 20:00 to 23:30 IST

Match Result and Standings

BGMI master series rankings
BGMI master series rankings

The BGMS 2022: Grand Finals (Week 4) will witness a total of 20 matches being played across the five game days taking place from 13th to 17th July, four maps per day.

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Day 1: 13th July

  • Match 1: Erangel
PositionMatch 1Total Points 1
1Team SouL22
3Team GodLike21
4Global Esports15
5Chemin Esports10
6Enigma Gaming7
7FS Esports6
8Team Enigma Forever6
9Team Insane Esports5
10Nigma Galaxy3
12Team XO2
13Revenant Esports1
14Blind Esports1
15OR Esports0
16Skylightz Gaming0
  • Match 2: Sanhok
PositionMatch 2Total Points 2
1Team XO29
2Skylightz Gaming16
3Chemin Esports13
4Team Enigma Forever12
5Revenant Esports11
7Global Esports7
8Team SouL6
9Team GodLike5
10Enigma Gaming3
11Blind Esports2
12FS Esports2
13Nigma Galaxy2
15OR Esports1
16Team Insane Esports0
  • Match 3: Miramar
PositionMatch 3Total Points 3
1Team GodLike27
2Team Enigma Forever22
4Skylightz Gaming13
5Blind Esports9
6Global Esports8
7Team SouL7
8FS Esports6
9Nigma Galaxy6
10Enigma Gaming3
11Team XO2
13Revenant Esports1
14Chemin Esports1
15Team Insane Esports0
16OR Esports0
  • Match 4: Erangel
PositionMatch 4Total Points 4
1Global Esports27
2Enigma Gaming18
3Team GodLike15
4Team Insane Esports13
5Chemin Esports10
6Team SouL9
7OR Esports6
9Team XO4
11Nigma Galaxy3
12Blind Esports2
13Team Enigma Forever2
14Revenant Esports2
15Skylightz Gaming1
16FS Esports0

Day 2: 14th July

  • Match 5: Erangel
PositionMatch 5Total Points 5
1Global Esports23
2Chemin Esports23
3Team SouL22
4FS Esports13
5Team XO9
6Team GodLike6
7Enigma Gaming5
8OR Esports5
10Nigma Galaxy3
11Team Enigma Forever2
12Revenant Esports2
14Team Insane Esports1
15Blind Esports1
16Skylightz Gaming1

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  • Match 6: Sanhok
PositionMatch 6Total Points 6
1Revenant Esports27
2Chemin Esports16
4Team Insane Esports14
5Team Enigma Forever9
6Team SouL7
8OR Esports4
9Team GodLike4
10Nigma Galaxy4
11Team XO3
12Skylightz Gaming3
13FS Esports2
14Global Esports0
15Enigma Gaming0
16Blind Esports0
  • Match 7: Miramar
PositionMatch 7Total Points 7
2Team Enigma Forever19
3Team SouL19
4Team GodLike15
5OR Esports9
6Skylightz Gaming8
7FS Esports7
8Team Insane Esports6
9Blind Esports5
10Chemin Esports4
11Nigma Galaxy2
12Team XO1
13Revenant Esports1
15Global Esports0
16Enigma Gaming0
  • Match 8: Erangel
PositionMatch 8Total Points 8
1Global Esports32
2OR Esports14
3Chemin Esports13
4FS Esports12
5Team Enigma Forever10
6Blind Esports10
7Team Insane Esports8
8Skylightz Gaming6
9Enigma Gaming3
10Team SouL2
11Revenant Esports2
13Team XO1
14Team GodLike1
16Nigma Galaxy0

Day 3: 15th July

  • Match 9: Erangel
PositionMatch 9Total Points 9
1Team SouL26
2Blind Esports22
3Team GodLike18
4Skylightz Gaming13
5Team Insane Esports11
6Team Enigma Forever8
7OR Esports6
8Nigma Galaxy4
9Revenant Esports4
10Chemin Esports3
11Team XO2
12Global Esports1
14FS Esports1
15Enigma Gaming0
  • Match 10: Sanhok
PositionMatch 10Total Points 10
1Team Insane Esports26
2Team SouL16
3Enigma Gaming13
4Chemin Esports11
6Team XO10
7Skylightz Gaming10
8Nigma Galaxy5
10Team Enigma Forever3
11Global Esports2
12Revenant Esports2
13Team GodLike0
14OR Esports0
15Blind Esports0
16FS Esports0
  • Match 11: Miramar
PositionMatch 11Total Points 11
2Enigma Gaming17
3Skylightz Gaming15
4Global Esports14
5FS Esports11
6Team XO10
7Chemin Esports8
8Team Enigma Forever6
9Team GodLike4
10Revenant Esports4
12Nigma Galaxy3
13Blind Esports2
14Team SouL1
15OR Esports0
16Team Insane Esports0
  • Match 12: Erangel
PositionMatch 12Total Points 12
3Team GodLike15
4Enigma Gaming13
5Skylightz Gaming12
6Chemin Esports10
7Team XO10
8Team Enigma Forever4
9Team SouL2
10Blind Esports2
11Team Insane Esports1
12Nigma Galaxy1
13Revenant Esports1
14Global Esports1
15OR Esports1
16FS Esports1

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Day 4: 16th July

  • Match 13: Erangel
PositionMatch 13Total Points 13
1Enigma Gaming27
2OR Esports26
3Blind Esports14
4Team Insane Esports13
5Skylightz Gaming13
6Team SouL7
7Team Enigma Forever6
8Team XO5
9Nigma Galaxy4
10Team GodLike2
11FS Esports2
12Global Esports1
14Revenant Esports1
16Chemin Esports0
  • Match 14: Sanhok
PositionMatch 14Total Points 14
1Enigma Gaming23
2Chemin Esports17
3Team Enigma Forever14
4Nigma Galaxy10
5OR Esports8
7Team Insane Esports6
8Blind Esports6
9Team XO6
11FS Esports3
12Revenant Esports3
13Team SouL3
14Team GodLike2
15Global Esports1
16Skylightz Gaming1
  • Match 15: Miramar
PositionMatch 15Total Points 15
1Team GodLike35
2Team Enigma Forever17
4Revenant Esports10
5Global Esports8
7Team Insane Esports6
8FS Esports5
9Team XO4
10OR Esports4
11Team SouL4
12Skylightz Gaming3
13Chemin Esports3
14Nigma Galaxy1
15Enigma Gaming0
16Blind Esports0

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  • Match 16: Erangel
PositionMatch 16Total Points 16
1Nigma Galaxy30
3Team XO15
4Blind Esports12
5Skylightz Gaming9
6OR Esports9
7Team GodLike8
9Chemin Eports4
10Global Esports3
11Team Insane Esports2
12Enigma Gaming2
13Revenant Esports1
14Team SouL0
15FS Esports0
16Team Enigma Forever0

Day 5: 17th July

  • Match 17: Erangel
PositionMatch 17Total Points 17
1Team Enigma Forever27
2Skylightz Gaming22
3Team GodLike14
4Nigma Galaxy12
5Team XO11
6FS Esports10
7Blind Esports6
8Team Insane Esports5
9Chemin Esports5
10Team SouL4
11Enigma Gaming2
13Global Esports1
14OR Esports0
15Revenant Esports0
  • Match 18: Sanhok
PositionMatch 18Total Points 18
1Blind Esports27
3Team Insane Esports18
4Global Esports14
5Team Enigma Forever14
6Nigma Galaxy6
7Team SouL5
8Team GodLike3
9Skylightz Gaming3
11Team XO2
12Enigma Gaming1
13Chemin Esports1
14Revenant Esports0
15OR Esports0
16FS Esports0
  • Match 19: Miramar
PositionMatch 19Total Points 19
1Global Esports23
3FS Esports14
4Team Insane Esports14
6OR Esports11
7Chemin Esports7
8Skylightz Gaming4
9Enigma Gaming4
10Team Enigma Forever3
11Team XO3
12Revenant Esports2
13Team GodLike1
14Team Soul1
15Blind Esports1
16Nigma Galaxy1
  • Match 20: Erangel
PositionMatch 20Total Points 20
1OR Esports26
2Global Esports20
3Skylightz Gaming16
4Team XO11
6Team Enigma Forever7
8Nigma Galaxy6
9Team Insane Esports4
10Revenant Esports3
11Enigma Gaming3
12Chemin Esports2
13FS Esports2
14Team GodLike1
15Team SouL1
16Blind Esports0

Overall Standings

PositionTeamWWCDPlacement PointsFinish PointsTotal Points
1Global Esports3101100201
2Team GodLike294103197
4Team Enigma Forever110487191
5Skylightz Gaming010168169
6Team SouL17193164
7Chemin Esports19764161
8Team Insane Esports17280152
9Enigma Gaming17569144
10Team XO16674140
11OR Esports27951130
13Blind Esports16557122
14Nigma Galaxy14855103
15FS Esports0415697
16Revenant Esports1423678

Prize Pool

The total prize pool for the BGMI Masters Series 2022 is INR 1.5 crores, which has been divided between all the four weeks of the competition as follows,

Qualifier Stage

  • Week 1 – INR 25,00,000
  • Week 2 – INR 25,00,000
  • Week 3 – INR 25,00,000

Grand Finals

  • Week 4 – INR 75,00,000

Where to see the match on live streaming?

The BGMI Masters Series 2022 will be televised on Star Sports 2 in English, Tamil, and Hindi during the prime time slot from 20:00 to 23:30 IST.

Apart from this, the event will also be livestreamed on the LOCO platform and the Glance platform, interested users can visit the following links to view the stream in their preferred language,

LOCO – Hindi | English | Tamil

Glance – English