How to ride the Air Conveyor in BGMI?


  • Air conveyors spawn across Erangel at various locations in EvoGround.
  • These can be used to travel across the map.
  • Riding an air conveyor 10 times will complete one of the RP challenge missions for week one.
How to ride the Air Conveyor in BGMI?

How to ride The Air Conveyor in Battleground Mobile India (BGMI)? In a recently released new update to the game, 1.5 update developers have done so many changes such as new updates of maps, weapons, and many more.

And one of the new features is the air conveyor in BGMI. In short, It is the air conveyor in BGMI is a launcher for the player shooting. Players can locate it in Ignition mode, which they can access via the Evoground mode.

The Mission Ignition collaboration with Tesla has brought several new and fun features to BGMI including Tesla cars skins, Gigafactories, Tesla Model Y, self-driving Tesla Semis and air conveyors.

Riding an air conveyor 10 times in Mission Ignition is an RP challenge mission for week one. Air conveyors are located all over Erangel in BGMI and are marked with orange circles. Air Conveyor in BGMI launch players up in the air in a capsule and let them travel large distances. Here is how players can complete the mission in Battlegrounds Mobile India’s weekly RP challenges.

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How To Complete Air Conveyor Mission?

Players will be able to find air conveyors on the Erangel map only if they played the ranked mode through EvoGround.

Where To Find Air Conveyors in BGMI?

These high-tech machines will appear on the following points across Erangel:

  • Kameshki
  • Stabler
  • Tech Center
  • Primorsk
  • Between Ruins and Georgopol
  • Sosnovka Security Center
  • Near Novorepnoye
How To Complete Air Conveyor in BGMI Mission?

1. Players will need to walk up to air conveyors to see the option to enter it on the screen.

How to ride the Air Conveyor in BGMI?

2. There they will notice an option to enter it. Once they tap it, they can aim at any angle they want and tap the highlighted button to be launched into the air.

How to ride the Air Conveyor in BGMI?

Once high enough the capsule will open and launch the player even higher.

How to ride the Air Conveyor in BGMI?

3. You can adjust the inclination and direction of the conveyor belt to reach the position you want. You can use these multiple times during a match and doing so 10 times will complete your RP challenge mission.

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Other New Features in 1.5 Update of BGMI

The 1.5 update of Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI) introduced several new features and improvements. Here is a simple chart summarizing the new features introduced in the 1.5 update of Battlegrounds Mobile India:

New weaponMG3 – a powerful light machine gun with high rate of fire and large magazine capacity
New vehicleCoupe RB – a fast and agile two-door sports car
Payload 2.0A new and improved version of the popular game mode, featuring new vehicles, weapons, and gadgets
Ignition modeA new game mode that allows players to explore and drive around in a futuristic city while engaging in combat
Ranked season rewardsEarn rewards for performance in ranked mode, including unique skins and outfits
Customizable sensitivityPlayers can adjust their sensitivity settings for different scopes and weapons
New in-game events and challengesIntroduces several new in-game events and challenges that offer rewards for completing them

Overall, the 1.5 update of BGMI added a range of exciting new features and improvements that enhance the gameplay experience and provide players with more content and challenges to enjoy.

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