BGMI 2022 BMPS Points Table, Overall Standings, Prize Pool, Streaming

With the end of the BGMI 2022 BMPS series competition, all the strong esports teams have brought back a lot of bonuses after defeating all opponents. This article summarizes the prize pool distribution, Overall Standings, and the list of winning teams of the 2022 BMPS competition.

BGMI 2022 BMPS Points Table, Overall Standings, Prize Pool

BGMI 2022 BMPS Finals Qualified Teams

The qualified teams are:

  1. Hydra Official
  2. Enigma Gaming
  3. R Esports
  4. FS Esports
  5. Big Brother Esports
  6. Autobotz
  7. Team INS
  8. EsportswalaxWSF
  9. Team Kinetic
  10. OR Esports
  11. Team Soul
  12. Global Esports
  13. Hyderabad Hydras
  14. 7SEA Esports
  15. Team XO
  16. Nigma Galaxy

While all the groups are incredibly good, the leading groups to keep an eye out for would certainly be XO, OR Esports, SouL as well as the currently in popular clash drop between GE and also Hydra Officials. Both the groups have brand-new players however they have actually without a doubt shown themselves over the last few stages.

SouL has been incredibly constant in their performance and also are wanting to end up on top of the table after an impressive efficiency in the semi finals where they ended up second to OR Esports.

BMPS 2022 Season 1 Prize Pool

The victor of the BMPS will certainly be granted 75 lakh, as well as the initial runner-up will certainly take 35 lakh. The MVP of the finals will certainly be given Rs 2,50,000 as well as the player who has the mot number of coatings is going to get Rs 2,00,000. The list of all the cash prize is pointed out below:

1st Place75 lakh
2nd Place35 lakh
3rd Place20 lakh
4th Place10 lakh
5th Place9 lakh
6th Place7.5 lakh
7th Place5 lakh
8th Place4 lakh
9th Place3 lakh
10th Place2.5 lakh
11th Place2.25 lakh
12th Place2 lakh
13th Place1.75 lakh
14th Place1.5 lakh
15th Place1.25 lakh
16th Place1 lakh
MVP Player2.5 lakh
Most Finished2 lakh
Lone Survivor1 lakh
Rampage1 lakh

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BMPS 2022 Points Table

BMPS 2022 Overall Standing

BMPS 2022 Overall Standing
BMPS 2022 Overall Standing
RankTeamWWCDFinishesPosition PointsOverall Points
1Team Soul5166169335
2OR Esports3110140250
3Enigma Gaming2117111228
4Global Esports4104123227
5FS Esports4104119223
6Nigma Galaxy210699205
7Big Brother Esports372116188
8Team XO18999188
9Inside Out010573178
107Sea Esports18065145
12Autobotz Esports16279141
13Hyderabad Hydras18159140
14R Esports06356119
15Team Kinetic0325991
16EsportsWala x WSF0324577

BMPS 2022 League Standing

RankTeamWWCDFinishesPosition PointsOverall Points
1OR Esports9270292562
2Team SouL6274245519
3Team XO8216272488
4Nigma Galaxy4208219427
5Global Esports4230183413
6Hyderabad Hydras6195212407
77Sea Esports1226164390
9Enigma Gaming2186191377
10R Esports2164209373
11FS Esports2140232372
12Big Brother Esports2183169352
13Autobotz Esports3164183347
14Inside Out2172157329
15EsportsWala x WSF3164164328
16Team Kinetic1157171328
17Blind Esports1175153328
18ACBC Esports2155159314
19Marcos Gaming3100200300
21Retribution RTR3131150281
22GOG Esports1129150279
23Initiative Academy1120134254
24UP50 Esports19283175

BMPS 2022 Points Distribution

BMPS 2022 Points Distribution

BMPS 2022 Prize Pool

1st₹7,500,000Team SouL
3rd₹2,000,000Enigma Gaming
4th₹1,000,000Global Esports

BMPS 2022 Player Awards

MVP250,000GoblinTeam SouL
Lone Survivor10,000AkshaTTeam SouL
Rampage Freak10,000GoblinTeam SouL
Fan Favorite Player10,000GoblinTeam SouL
Player of the Day 110,000EGGYEnigma Gaming
Player of the Day 210,000GoblinTeam SouL
Player of the Day 310,000GoblinTeam SouL
Player of the Day 410,000GoblinTeam SouL

Top 5-Leaders of the tournament

BMPS 2022 Streaming Replay

BMPS 2022 Grand Finals Day1-Hindi

BMPS 2022 Grand Finals Day1-English

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BMPS 2022 Grand Finals Day2-Hindi

BMPS 2022 Grand Finals Day2-English

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BMPS 2022 Grand Finals Day3-Hindi

BMPS 2022 Grand Finals Day3-English

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BMPS 2022 Grand Finals Day4-Hindi

BMPS 2022 Grand Finals Day4-English

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