Valorant-How to Get Free Vandal Skins?

In the Valorant game, there are two often compared rifles, the Vandal and the Phantom, with the former offering some crisp headshots and being a real range threat. The game provides players with various cosmetics that can be equipped as skins.

Vandal skins are a very popular property of the Valorant game over the years since its release. Among the many updates, some were just normal visual upgrades to weapons, while others changed visual animations, added better sound effects, and even improved the user interface. If you are still a beginner of Valorant, check the agents might be helpful sometimes.

Most of these Vandal skins come with a price tag that players can purchase using real money. However, there are a few ways to get them for free without shelling out your pocket. By the way, betting on Valorant with cryptocurrencies can add a little more fun for your online gaming.

In this article, we’ll explore the different ways to get Vandal skins in Valorant absolutely free.

Different ways to get free Vandal skins in Valorant

There are actually multiple ways to get free Vandal skins in Valorant. Not all methods will accurately give cosmetics to rifles, but if players are motivated and diligent enough, they can definitely get their hands on some skins or other.

Agency contract

All Valorant players can simply activate any “Agency Contract” and start honing in to earn free skins. Over the years, the developers have released 21 characters, each with free weapon skins.

You can activate and claim any available free agent weapon skins by following the steps below.

  1. Go to Valorant’s main menu and click “Agents” on the top bar.
  2. Select an Agent to assign a free skin to.
  3. Click the “Activate” button.
  4. Your agency contract is now active. When you gain experience and reach level 10, your free weapon skins will be unlocked.

Unfortunately, currently none of them offer spoiler skins, maybe in the future there will be surrogates!

Prime Games

For all gamers who subscribe to the Prime Gaming facility offered by Amazon, they can claim certain freebies from time to time. These might not necessarily be Vandal skins, but you can always come across something really nice.

You’ll still technically have to pay for the subscription, but you’ll get a lot in return, especially if you’re a gamer and don’t just swipe Valorant all day.

Free Vandal Skins

Twitch drop

It’s a very popular way to get spoiler skins without spending a dime, and often sees players flocking to particular streams in droves. All they need to do is link their Riot Games account to their Twitch account and watch some streams that actually have drops enabled.

Buy battle pass

This is a package subscription that the developer releases at the start of each new season of Valorant. It gives community members something to look forward to and work towards.

Players can buy this battle pass to hone in and get everything it has to offer, or they can keep doing their own thing and simply collect all the free tier items, possibly including Vandal skins if they’re lucky.

Free Vandal Skins

Third-party software

If you can’t or don’t want to spend money to buy Vandal skins in Valorant, there are third-party software programs that allow you to earn cosmetics through challenging grinds.

One such program is Buff, a website that runs in the background while you play Valorant and provides virtual currency that can be used to purchase Valorant Points. These points can then be deposited into your linked account, allowing you to purchase Vandal skins without spending any real money.

So if you’re interested in getting spoiler skins without any monetary investment, these third-party sites might be a viable option to explore. However, be cautious when using such programs and make sure they are safe and secure before downloading or using them.


Players should also keep an eye out for Valorant skin giveaways, often hosted by professional players, streamers, content creators, and even some esports organizations.

To keep up with such events, just follow the Valorant team and celebrities on their social media channels. Whenever you spot one of them giving away a spoiler skin as a prize, take the chance and complete the prerequisites to qualify for the giveaway.

If you enter a giveaway, just pray that you are chosen as the winner of that particular giveaway. This approach has also attracted a lot of community members, but it’s all down to luck.

While getting Vandal skins in Valorant can be expensive, paying is definitely a simpler and more straightforward option to get the cosmetics you want. That said, players can also get one absolutely free through many of the methods listed above.

Yes, there are downsides to these methods, but the free spoiler skins are enough to tip the scales in its favor. So get out there and start collecting those free Vandal skins!

What Is the Cheapest Vandal Skin?

So, if you are thinking that the methods above are a little bit complex, yet you still want to get the Vandal skin with cheap price. Don’t worry, I still have another method for you.

Vandal is just one of the most preferred tools in Valorant however not everyone has the luxury of acquiring expensive skins for it. Cosmetics are never necessary to appreciate the game and also if you get on a budget as well as do not have a lot of Valorant Points (VP) to spend, there are a few great skins you can get without breaking the financial institution.

The cheapest Vandal skins in Valorant price under 900 Valorant Points and while it’s no Prime Vandal, they get the job done. Right here is a take a look at the three most affordable Vandal skins that you can enter Valorant for just 875 VP each.

Cheapest Vandal Skins in Valorant

There is no single cheapest skin in Valorant but there are three skins that fall in the “Select” tier of skins. All Select skins cost just 875 VP each while the melee skins in the category cost 1,750 VP each. 

If you want to purchase skins for cheap, the Select skins are your best bet but many battle pass (BP) skins can give them a run for your money. A battle pass might be more value as you get a bunch of skins as well as other cosmetics and Radianite. But if you are set on purchasing a Vandal skin with VP, here are your three cheapest options. 

  • Endeavor Vandal – 875 VP
Vandal Skins in Valorant
  • Prism II Vandal – 875 VP
Vandal Skins in Valorant
  • Luxe Vandal – 875 VP
Vandal Skins in Valorant