How To Play Dota 2 – An Overview of Map, Vision, Runes, and Features

Wondering exactly how to play Dota 2? Shutoff’s MOBA is notoriously among the most complicated games in existence, yet don’t allow that place you off. No, truly– you do not need to understand the details of each hero, exactly how to develop all the things, or why skilled players sometimes drop their belongings on the flooring on purpose. You can discover as you go, and have a good time while doing so– pledge.


Getting going as a new Dota 2 player is far more inviting currently than it used to be, thanks to a just recently spruced up new gamer experience, and also a stellar fan-created Dota 2 tutorial, to make your first, wobbly actions as a brand-new Dota 2 player a little easier.

So whether you’re a League of Legends player interested about what goes on in the neighbor’s yard, a current watcher of the Dota 2 anime aiming to stand in the scaly boots of Davion the Dragon Knight, or just want a much better understanding of among the most significant games in esports, please fasten your seatbelt and also maintain your arms and legs inside the lorry in all times– we’re going to find out how to play Dota 2.

What is Dota 2?

Dota 2 is an online multiplayer video game where you as well as 4 colleagues pick from a lineup of various heroes and also, over the course of each suit, gradually grow in toughness and power till you’re strong enough to remove the adversary team’s Ancient– the radiant building in their online.

Obviously, the opposing group has their eye on your Ancient, as well, and intends to wreck it to smithereens. The whole suit is a critical harmonizing act, as you choose what you require to do to obtain advantage for your team, while also making certain the opponent doesn’t snowball out of control.

Many numerous hours of brainpower have gone into identifying the optimum ways to do this, so there’s plenty to examine– however, crucially, none of your teammates or adversaries know how to play efficiently, so truly, it’s everything about punishing your adversaries’ errors while attempting not to make too many of your very own.

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Dota 2 Map

The Dota 2 map is divided right into 2 sides, Radiant and also Dire. Radiant is on the left, and it’s a verdant, ideal heaven. Over the river that runs diagonally from leading delegated lower right, you’ll find the Dire arrive at the ideal side of the map, all covered in pests as well as stuff.

If you play LOL, then this map format must be familiar to you. The map is additionally split right into 3 lanes– leading, center, as well as base. The location between the lanes contains camps of neutral creeps, as well as is called the jungle. Each group has three towers running down their side of each lane, which automatically assault enemy creeps and also heroes within a specific distance. We’ll explain what creeps are in a little bit, stick with us.

A diagram of the Dota 2 map, with the lanes marked

The towers closest to the river are called tier one towers; tier two towers are additionally back, midway down the lane, and rate three towers stand at the beginning of each lane, in your base. There’s likewise a collection of two tier four towers protecting the Ancient itself, which sits in the center of your base.

Put back in the bottom left and also leading right edges is the fountain, which recovers your wellness and also mana over time, as well as swiftly strikes any kind of foes that attempt endeavor inside. This is likewise where you can discover the Base Shop, where you can acquire most products.

You’ll also see your faithful carrier hanging around here; if you buy an item from the store while you’re far from the base, you can regulate your carrier to haul it all the means to you– just beware not to put it in damage’s means, as it takes a few minutes to respawn if it dies.

Heroes can teleport to towers as well as stations making use of a TP scroll. You start with among these, as well as get one whenever you die. You can acquire extra from the store– attempt not to obtain caught without them, as you can also teleport to the fountain when you require to. TP scrolls take a specific quantity of time to channel, so it’s feasible to have your TP cancelled by an enemy if they capture you.

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Offlane & Safelane

A fast note; your colleagues will certainly describe the top, center, and bottom lanes really usually, but you will certainly likewise hear the terms offlane and also safelane. The top lane is the Radiant offlane as well as the Dire safelane, as well as the bottom lane is the Radiant safelane and also the Dire offlane.

This is since the map is not in proportion. The safelane is, well, safer, because your team’s tier one tower is better to where the creeps satisfy. The offlane is the opposite– the creeps meet closer to the opponent’s tier one tower.


When discussing the map, it’s crucial to note that you can’t really see what’s taking place all over– only where you have vision. Everything else is covered by the haze of battle. Vision is likewise blocked by trees, as well as you can’t see up hillsides. Vision is shared between allies– anything your team can see, you can, as well.

Vision is given by many things, including friendly creeps, heroes, structures, carriers, and also onlooker wards. Placing viewer wards on the map is a vital part of the game, as they supply vital information to your team. The minimap on the bottom left is an useful method to see, at a look, which adversary heroes you have vision of, as well as which are missing from the map, most likely approximately no good.

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Runes generate periodically on the map, and offer bonus offers to the player or group that select them up. There are 4 rune areas on the map; two in the river, as well as one in each team’s forest.

At the start of the video game– 0:00– Bounty Runes, which grant a gold reward to all teammates, spawn in each rune place. After this, they generate in the jungle rune areas only, every three minutes.

At 2:00 as well as 4:00 mins into the video game, Water Runes spawn at both rune places in the river. These runes immediately restore 100 health and 80 mana to whoever selects them up.

Power-up runes spawn randomly in one of the two ward places in the river; they start generating at 6:00 into the video game and after that every 2 minutes after that.

Day and Night Cycle

There’s a day/night cycle in Dota, also. During the prep work stage before the beginning of each match, it’s night-time, up until the horn sounds at 00:00 and it comes to be day. Then, every five minutes, the map changes from day to evening or vice versa. During the night, vision is decreased for most of heroes.


Some systems are unseen thanks to abilities or things, and also can just be seen with True Sight, which is supplied by towers, things (Sentry Wards, Dust of Appearance, Gem of True Sight) as well as some hero capacities. Naturally, there are also specific abilities that make invisible units immune to True Sight, just to make points even more complica- uh, enjoyable.

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