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Here we will introduce some of the most popular esports games around the world. We don’t encourage irrational or addictive gaming behaviour. Esportsfornow’s main target of providing information of esports is to create a latest info hub to those who are interested in esports with a proper attitude. We hope that you enjoy the esports info and news we collect and edit!

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Preview of esports games

The most common computer game styles connected with eSports are real-time approach (RTS), Fighting, First-Person Shooter (FPS), Multiplayer Online Battle Arena (MOBA), and so on. Popular video games consist of DOTA 2, LOL, Counter Strike GO, Call of Duty, FIFA, Heartstone, Minecraft, BGMI (PUBG), GTA V RP, Valorant, and many more.

These events are transmitted online or via tv and also have commentary comparable to that of Cricket, FIFA, etc. Around 500 Million fans from over 152 countries enjoy these competitions online with various streaming platforms like, YouTube as well as Facebook.

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Esports and online gaming, what’s different?

With the boosting appeal and regularity of eSports events, people usually puzzle eSports with on the internet gaming. The requirement for a digital gadget as well as on-line multiplayer game is the misnomer.

Nevertheless, eSports is not online video gaming. Unlike online gaming, eSports is defined by on-line games based upon abilities that are played in tournaments. Then the different groups and individuals compete against each other to win the championship, leagues, and also titles like that of physical sporting activities.

Esports also includes games which are the digital or online indications of standard sports.

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There are numerous games on the marketplace. Only a few video games are ideal for the competition layout. We’ll give you a brief introduction of the 3 most prominent affordable games:


CS: GO represents the computer game Counter Strike: Global Offensive, which comes from the genre of the on-line tactical shooters. Two groups with 5 players each contend against each other for map supremacy.

One of the most played circumstances is bomb defusion: the “terrorists” are entrusted with growing and defending a bomb website. The “counter terrorists” should then quit the terrorists by defusing the bomb. If the bomb is planted and also detonated, the terrorists understand. After a specific variety of rounds the teams change their duties.

Both interplay a total amount of 30 rounds, the first team to 16 wins the collection. In the finest of 3 circumstances, the first string with 2 collections wins the match. In an ideal of 5 scenario, the first team with 3 sets wins the suit and also transfers to the next round.

League of Legends

League of Legends, additionally called LoL, belongs to the totally free usable genre of Multiplayer Online Fight Field (MOBA). League of Legends is a real-time approach video game, in which two groups compete against each other on a map designed like an arena as well as try to take each other’s base.

Events are generally played on 5v5 maps. The map is split right into 2 halves to ensure that each group has a region with the main structure. The object of the game is to overcome the challenger’s main structure.

A game normally lasts 15 to 60 minutes. As in CS: GO, there are ideal of 1, finest of 3 and also best of 5 circumstances. Esports events for LoL are typically organised by the video game programmer Riot Gamings.

Dota 2

Dota 2 is a MOBA, real-time method game established by Shutoff. Dota 2 and League of Legends are extremely similar in their game mechanics. In Dota 2, too, the objective is to capture the challenger’s base. Nevertheless, because of the capacities of the countless usable characters, Dota 2 is much more tactical and much less centred on the one-game character. With over a hundred heroes to select from, DOTA is a really varied game.

The video game is played in teams of 5. A round takes about 15 to 60 mins. The competition situation varies depending on the event. In a double knockout system, a group should shed two times to be gotten rid of.

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Biggest Esports Tournaments / League


The ESL, the Digital Sports Organization, is among the most effectively understood event carriers in Germany. The Cologne-based eSports company currently supplies events as well as organizations in over 50 various self-controls. One of its tournament styles is the ESL ONE, which occurs in Germany.

The summertime in Perfume is all about esports. Along with the yearly Gamescom, the world’s largest occasion for computer and video games, CS: GO groups will certainly contend there at the esports occasion ESL ONE Fragrance.

Perfume is not the only place for the ESL. The ESL ONE holds events worldwide for CS: GO in various other metropolitan areas:

  • ESL ONE Cologne, Germany (2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018).
  • ESL ONE Katowice, Poland (2015 ).
  • ESL ONE Belo Horizonte, Brazil (2018 ).

Much like the initial-person shooter Counteraction, DOTA 2 has actually garnered a huge fanbase in the eSports scene. In 2017, the tournament happened in Hamburg for the first time, however, hundreds of eSports followers have already collected in Frankfurt in previous years to applaud DOTA groups.

The previous venues additionally bring in numerous visitors:.

  • ESL ONE Frankfurt, Germany (2014, 2015, 2016).
  • ESL ONE Birmingham, UK (2018 ).
  • ESL ONE Katowice, Poland (2018 ).
  • ESL ONE Genting, Malaysia (2017, 2018).

2. ESL Intel Extrem Masters (IEM)

Initially kept in 2007, the Intel Extrem Masters (IEM) is an organization in which the globe’s best players compete. The emphasize of a period is the Globe Championship, which is held at the end of the tournament.

While the complete prize money in Period 1 (2007) was a mere $160,000, with the only two games being Counterstrike as well as WarCraft, esports followers in Period 11 (2018) can look forward to a total prize pool of $1,373,750 for Counter-Strike, StarCraft and Organization of Legends. It continues to be to be seen whether the eSports industry will certainly continue to expand as strongly in the coming years.

But one point is particular: the interest in esports is a worldwide sensation. Season 11 takes place on 3 continents:

  • Shanghai, China.
  • Oakland, U.S.A..
  • Gyeonggi, South Korea.
  • Katowice, Poland.

3. League of Legends Champion Series (LCS)

While a variety of games are played in the ESL One and also ESL Intel Extreme Masters Events, the LCS only focuses on one video game: Organization of Legends. The event is run by the video game’s very own creator: Riot Gamings. The competition is split into Spring and Summertime, suggesting grand finals are held two times a year.

EU League of Legends Champion Series (EU LCS)

10 teams, one goal: to win the Organization of Legends Champion Series in Europe. The undisputed document holder is the team fnatic. The team is not only one of the oldest in the specialist area of LoL (League of Legends), however has currently won the grand finals 7 times (as of 2018).

Each individual in the LCS gets a wage of $12,500. In addition to the base salary, cash prize can easily reach into the six-figure range.

Throughout the previous years, a trend has actually become clear. Podium finishers are always from groups fnatic and also G2 Esports. Just in the summertime of 2014 could a member from one more team, Alliance, win a tournament?

NA League of Legends Championship Series (NA LCS)

The equivalent to the European LoL Organization is the NA LCS, the North American Organization of Legends Champion Collection.

In contrast to the EU LCS, the American eSport athletes do not play a best-of-2 yet a best-of-3. In Europe, it is feasible that after two rounds there is no clear winner. As in football, the European teams obtain 3 factors for a win, and one point for a draw.

In 2014, the North American group “LMQ/i” included five Chinese players. Afterwards, Riot Gamings introduced the guideline that at least three of the five players should be indigenous. So in North American teams, at the very least 3 gamers should be American or Canadian.

The NA LCS centre lies in Los Angeles, while the EU LCS has established its head office in Berlin, having formerly been based in the esports funding Perfume for years. The team Group SoloMid has accomplished one of the most victories. Altogether they’ve won the finals six times and 4 times they can be found in 2nd. 2018 was the very first time they did not make the finals.

4. Organization of Legends World Champion

Game developer Trouble Gaming does not only arrange a league for its MOBA Video Game League of Legends, but also a world championship.

The Globe Cup casts a spell over players and also spectators around the world. Much of the occasion has been held on 3 continents. A single World Mug usually happens in various nations and also cities:.

  • Jönköping, Sweden (DreamHack 2011).
  • Taipei, Taiwan/ Singapore, Republic of Singapore/ Busan, South Korea/ Seoul, South Korea (2014 ).
  • Paris, France/ London, Great Britain/ Brussels, Belgium/ Berlin, Germany (2015 ).
  • U.S.A.: San Francisco/ Chicago/ New York/ Los Angeles (2016 ).
  • China: Wuhan/ Guangzhou/ Shanghei/ Beijing (2017 ).
  • South Korea: Seoul/ Busan/ Gwangju/ Incheon (2018 ).
  • While there was originally a reward swimming pool of $100,000 for players in Sweden in 2011, the prize pool grew to $4.5 million in China in 2017.

Yet it’s not simply the reward swimming pool that’s increasing. The variety of viewers additionally continues to expand. Over 80,000 viewers filled up an entire football stadium in China where SK Telecom T1 as well as Samsung Galaxy defended the title in the final. 40 million visitors also followed the event via online stream.

5. The International

The International is the globe’s largest gifted eSports event, with 25.5 million dollars in prize money at risk in the Dota2 event. The first area finishers Group OG got 11.2 million bucks and the two last area finishers received $63,580 bucks. The tournament was arranged by the game’s designer Shutoff itself, most of the reward cash came from the followers. Their incorporated in-game purchases made up the majority of the cash prize. In 2018, the marketers paid only 1.6 million on their own.

Due to the substantial reward pool, both males and females are anticipated to compete in the high-stakes tournament.

The Esports event is now held mainly in The United States and Canada, although the foundation was stocked in the eSports metropolitan area of Perfume. The locations so far have been:

  • Perfume, Germany (2011 ).
  • Seattle, U.S.A. (2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017).
  • Vancouver, Canada (2018 ).

Additional details

The makeup of teams in the grand finals is primarily Eastern, for example, the Chinese team PSG.LGD (2018 ), Newbee (2017, 2014) or Wings Video Gaming (2016 ). Esports tournament champions come from all corners of the globe, for example, the American team Wickedness Geniuses (2015 ), from global teams Team Fluid (2017) or from European group OG (2018 ).

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