Esports Event 2023 in India

During 2023, India is expected to host a number of esports events. A few of these events are PUBG, League of Legends, CS:GO, Dota 2, and Valorant. This article will discuss a few of these games, as well as other international esports events.

Esports Event 2023 in India

BMOC Register

BMOC (Battlegrounds Mobile Open Challenge) is a semi-pro tournament for Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI) gamers. Players can register online. There are a few requirements to qualify for the tournament. You must be an Indian national and have a valid government ID and an email ID. In addition, you must have a platinum 5 tier in your BGMI account.

The BMOC (Open Challenge) will be the first of Krafton’s four major esports events in India in 2022. Each season will have a prize pool of INR 2 million. In order to be eligible for the competition, teams must register within the dates given.

The prize pool is expected to be the biggest of any esports event in India. The total sum will be divided among the teams based on their final rankings.

Interested teams must register on the official website of the Battlegrounds Mobile India esports series. The tournaments will begin later this month and run for a total of five months. It will conclude in June.

The BMOC (Open Challenge) has been hailed as one of the newest and most exciting tournaments to hit the esports scene. Unlike most of the other esports events, BMOC is free to play.


Several tournament series are planning a competitive calendar for the next year. Some of them want to feature a mix of titles on various platforms. Some of them include Dota 2 and CS:GO. Those organizations will try to make a competitive esports spot in India.

According to reports, the Indian esports scene will be more exciting in the coming years. The country will participate in a variety of tournaments and games. Some of these games include PUBG Mobile, Tekken 7, and Dota 2. Among these titles, CS:GO will have a major role in the country’s esports arena.

In the last IESF in Eilat, Israel, the Indian CS:GO team placed eighth. The team includes Shuvajyoti Chakraborty (Mcg1LLzZz), Ritesh Sarda (Defaulter), Hitesh Khorwal (Rcool), Anshul Adarkar (KiiLSwitCh), and Hrishikesh Shenoy (Crazy_Gamer).

Skyesports is a leading esports tournament organizer in India. They are currently in the process of creating a dedicated CS:GO tournament series. They are likely to announce the details of the competition soon.

Shiva “Marvel” Nandy, CEO of Skyesports, is set to invest at least $500k USD in both Dota 2 and CS:GO in 2023. He said he would like to increase the competitive gaming scene in India.

League of Legends (LOL)

Earlier in the year, esports was featured at the Asian Games as a demonstration title. The tournament was a hit and drew in millions of viewers. It was also the first time that esports was awarded medals at the event. A total of 24 medals were awarded in eight esports categories.

The esports industry in India has seen significant growth in recent years. The country’s esports scene has grown to include three major organizations, Velocity Gaming, Revenant Esports, and Enigma Gaming. All three have esports teams competing on their own as well as under their respective esports umbrellas.

One of the largest esports events in the world will take place in India in 2023. The competition will feature a mix of titles across all platforms. The prize pool for the tournament is estimated to be around INR 22,50,000 ($27,165 USD).

The esports industry in India is growing rapidly, and the gaming market in the country is expected to grow even more. The growing popularity of esports is driving major industry investments that will boost viewership and revenue opportunities.

The esports industry in the country is expected to grow even more in the coming years. The growing popularity of esports on online platforms is also expected to drive market growth.


PUBG esports has unveiled a roadmap for 2023 that includes a Global Partner Team program. This program will allow partners to earn financial perks and have their team’s logo emblazoned on team-branded in-game items. Similarly, a new competitive in-game experience will bridge the gap between the VCT and in-game progress. Lastly, a new esports arena in South Korea will be the focal point of PUBG esports in 2024.

The International Esports Federation (IEF) is holding a World Esports Championship this year that features PUBG Mobile, eFootball, and Tekken 7. The PUBG Mobile is being featured as the world’s best mobile game and will be featured in the tournament’s most notable achievements.

The Global Partner Team program is the newest addition to PUBG esports’ plans. This program will be comprised of two rosters. These two teams will represent Iraq and Kazakhstan, respectively. These rosters will be the first to compete internationally. These teams are composed of players from Titan Esports and Fire Flux Esports.

The e-sports arena will be opened in the first half of 2024. This location will be unique and will house pros and fans alike to enjoy the game. Moreover, it will be the home of a new esports program. This program will be akin to VALORANT.


Earlier this week, Riot Games announced the Valorant esports event 2023 in India. The event will feature eight teams and a prize pool of over USD 100,000. The event will take place in Hyderabad, India at the GMR Arena.

Riot Games has also announced the tournament schedule for VALORANT Champions Tour 2023. The tournament is scheduled to kick off in February. The Valorant Champions Tour system will combine regional leagues to create a new tournament format. It will also introduce Challengers, which are a new way to compete in esports. It will give more teams a chance to qualify for a league. The top teams will participate in Global Events. The tournaments will run for three weeks, with the winners getting an extra perk.

The first tournament to take place in 2023 is the Ludwig x Tarik Invitational, which will feature the world’s largest content creators. The tournament will also have a 20k BRL prize pool.

Other tournaments include the TEC Challenger Series, which features teams from Southeast and South Asia. The LAN tournament will be held in Sao Paulo, Brazil. There is also the Valorant Challengers Ascension, which will bring promoted teams back into the Challengers. This will be a chance for previously promoted teams to qualify again for an international league.

Dota 2

Earlier, esports was not a popular sport in India. However, it has now received recognition across the globe. It was even included as a demonstration title at the Asian Games last year. Now, esports is going to be part of the first ever Commonwealth eSports Championship, set to take place in Birmingham, England in 2023. This is a big step for the gaming industry in India.

The esports industry in India is growing rapidly. Besides Dota 2, other games include FIFA 22, League of Legends, Street Fighter V, and Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. A number of tournament series are planning competitive schedules for the coming years.

There is no news yet about when the next Dota 2 esports event in India will happen. However, esports has been included in the upcoming Asian Games 2022. This will be the first time that esports will be officially recognized as a medal event at a global sporting event.

In terms of the most important esports event, The International is likely to be the biggest competition for Dota 2. It is scheduled to take place in Seattle in 2023, after the venue was changed from KeyArena to the Climate Pledge Arena. The International has a prize pool of USD 2.5 million.

Other international esports events

eSports is a competitive sport where professional players compete against amateurs to win the top prize. eSports is a hybrid of physical and simulated sports that culminates in championships at a regional or global level.

One of the biggest esports events in the world is the Valorant Champions Tour (VCT). It will be a tour of esports leagues around the globe. The top teams in each region will qualify for the first round of regular season play. The winners will then play in a playoff tournament for the title. In 2023, the VCT will be held in more than twenty leagues.

In China, the esports industry is booming. The country has the highest number of active players and tournament viewers. It is estimated that the esports market in China will reach RMB 167.3 billion in 2021.

Chinese technology companies have invested heavily in gaming entertainment and viewership. New technologies, such as 5G, will improve the growth of the esports industry.

A key indicator of esports’ future is the growing popularity of virtual influencers. The game development community is focused on making the game user-friendly. Increasingly, players are choosing to turn esports into a profession.

The next big thing is metaverse games. These games are multiplayer and are played through a virtual reality system.