Dota 2 Betting- 1 Easy Guide for Esports Betting Beginners

In addition to LOL and CS:GO, Dota 2 esports betting has also become more and more popular in recent years, because of its smooth action style and the perfect combination of the excitement of online betting.

Dota 2 Betting- 1 Easy Guide for Esports Betting Beginners

What is Dota 2?

Dota 2, whose full name is Defense of the Ancients 2, is a Multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) game. Each team consists of 5 players, and then two teams compete. Each player can control a hero with different abilities, roles and styles.

The same part as LOL is that the battle takes place on the same map, and various runes that can strengthen the player’s skills are scattered on the map, and the player can improve the quality of the character through them. In the game, the two factions are called “Radiant” (bottom left) and “Dire” (top right).

Characters can be divided into the following three types, which can be seen in many battle games:

  • Intelligence
  • Agile
  • Strength

Each character can own up to 6 of more than 123 items to further enhance their combat effectiveness and bring more playability and diversity to the game. Similar to LOL, the team must first destroy the opponent’s base named “Ancient” to win the game.

Esports betting on Dota 2 is similar to traditional sports betting in general. There are many betting options, available markets, money line, totals, Outright and a variety of Proposition bets and more.

What’s more, you can also bet on whether the team will drop one of the games in the series or one of the maps, the betting options are very large. However, you may have to first find an esports betting site that offers a wide range of betting options.

Generally speaking, regarding Dota 2, you can participate in best of three (Bo3) format or best of five (Bo5) depending on the format. Or there are special forms such as best of two (Bo2), where you can see the team win both games or 1:1.

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What sorts of wagers are available for Dota 2?

Dota 2 has a wide array of various odds kinds depending on the occasion, for instance, The International would more than most likely have:

  • Money Line
  • Total Score
  • Outrights
  • Which group will win The International?
  • Which group will win the Dota 2 Major?
  • Proposition Betting
  • First team to kill Roshan
  • Team to 20 kills
  • The above are simply a couple of examples of what Pinnacle uses with its betting selections.

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How Do you Bet on Dota 2?

Much like many other esport titles, Dota 2 offers a selection of various markets that you can bet on. As a novice to esports betting, it’s crucial to recognize exactly how the game functions.

The basic idea of Dota 2 has actually remained the exact same since the initial launch of Dota: gamers must collaborate in groups of 5 in order to defeat the adversary group, as well as you defeat the adversary group by ruining different structures, referred to as Towers and also Barracks, eventually destroying their Ancient.

Knowing your Heroes and the gamer preferences is actually important. If one player is targeted in the pick and also restriction stage, this can truly affect the group’s performance.

Match Result

One of the most usual type of Dota 2 wager is usually on the end result of a match. When betting on the result of a suit, you either pick Team A or Team B to win the match – this is referred to as the Money Line. The common payment for these matches differs from suit to match, and it’s normally dependent on the ability level of the interplay and their sensible opportunity of winning. These are translated to odds on which team will certainly win a suit.

Money Line

In a Bo3, a Money Line might likewise be utilized on private ‘Maps’. Whilst the map itself stays the very same (at least in Dota 2 and also LoL), within the Bo3, you can put a bank on the outcome of the individual games, which are usually described as ‘Map 1’, ‘Map 2’ or ‘Map 3’. Each individual video game in the collection will certainly have its very own special collection of chances.


Outrights may seem comparable to Money Line yet they have different features. With Money Line, you are forecasting the result of Team A vs. Team B. With Outrights, you are forecasting who would certainly be the general victor of a competition.

One such instance would be (before the occasion beginning) anticipating who will certainly win The International, a competitors containing over 15 teams. Bookmakers will certainly have their favourites for competitions, which is typically dependent on that group’s efficiency, nevertheless it has actually been understood for outsiders to approach on a few of the bigger groups and also win.

Prop Bets

Proposal (Prop) betting is likewise a popular kind of betting in Dota 2. The majority of Prop Bets normally concentrate on a gameplay goal, for instance: which team will eliminate Roshan first, first string to a certain quantity of eliminates, etc.

Total amounts is probably one of the harder wagers to place in Dota 2. Generally, within Dota 2, you will certainly be betting on whether or not the total variety of kills will be over or under a figure that is set by the bookmaker. This isn’t always restricted to just kills, as well as might likewise potentially consist of the number of fatalities, towers damaged, and so on.

Every one of these kinds of bets included their own individual probabilities, it is very not likely that across the board, they will certainly ever coincide.

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Betting on Dota 2: Other variables to consider

To prosper in Dota 2, both group coordination and private gamer ability are equally important characteristics. The former is the extra volatile of both, nonetheless, team control in some cases noticeably improves within simply a couple of weeks. Gamer skill, on the other hand, changes less unpredictably.

Comparable to League of Legends (LoL), Dota 2 has a substantial choice of Heroes to pick from. Recognizing your Heroes and the gamer preferences is really vital. If one gamer is targeted in the choice as well as restriction stage, this can really impact the group’s performance, as they may have to play a hero they are not that comfy with.

When contrasted to LoL, the choice and also ban phase is one of the significant distinctions in Dota 2. When the draft starts, both teams prohibit 3 Heroes before each group is enabled to select. The group that elected to pick first gets to choose one Hero before the various other group is enabled to then pick 2, and afterwards the first team is allowed to choose their second Hero.

You can additionally bet on groups to not go down a map or video game in a collection, which is generally played in a best of 3 (Bo3) style, nevertheless, they can a finest of five (Bo5) or ideal of 2 (Bo2).

In the following stage, both groups once more prohibit 2 more Heroes. The second outlawing stage is normally affected by what has taken place in the very first, with a suggestion of how the video game will certainly play out currently an aspect.

Teams in this phase have a choice between outlawing Heroes who are still solid or prohibiting Heroes they know would function well with the Heroes already chosen by their opponent. This will certainly then interrupt the strategies of the other team.

There is another pick phase at this point, utilizing the same style as the. There is a final restriction stage of just one Hero. This phase is utilized commonly to block shock picks before the last Hero is chosen. With a lot happening in just this phase alone, discovering group harmonies can really aid with your betting.

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Dota 2: Tournaments you can Bet on

Peak offers betting for all the big leagues and events, consisting of The International, Dota 2 Majors and Minors in addition to lots of others – naturally, if you make use of an esports betting technique you will recognize that you do not need to bet on every readily available match.

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