CSGO Handicap Betting-A Way to Find Better Odds within 1 Single Match

A CSGO handicap bet is a betting option in which the favorite team is given a handicap and needs to win by a certain amount of map differences. The difference can be in a round, a map, or both. This method of betting can provide better odds and can give players a better chance of winning.

CS:GO Handicap Betting-Find Better Odds within a Simgle Match

However, predicting the winner of a CSGO match can be difficult and requires dedication and practice. You need to understand the game and the strategies used by the competing teams. Also, consider the racial and skill brackets of the competitors.

In a CSGO match, two teams of five players face each other. The favourite team plays as Counter-Terrorists (CT) while the other team plays as a Terrorist (T). In this format, professional CSGO matches can be played on seven different maps.

The odds for the favored team can be relatively low, but they are still worth betting on. The underdogs, on the other hand, only need to win one map in the best of three series. This is the reason why a CSGO handicap bet is advisable when it comes to betting on a team that is not the clear favourite.

CSGO Head-to-head records

To handicap a team, you need to know the head-to-head records of the teams. The head-to-head records will give you an idea of the teams’ performance in recent matches. You can then use these statistics to identify which team has the strongest chance of winning the upcoming match. You should then consider the broader skill bracket of the opponent and their racial match-ups. The team that wins most rounds in a match will win the game.

CSGO handicap bets can be found on a variety of websites. For example, Pinnacle offers a Handicap market on rounds played by a team. You can also look for Asian handicaps in CSGO live betting. The odds will change depending on how many rounds have been played in the match.

CSGO Betting Margin & Odds

In a CSGO handicap bet, you can bet on a team with a +1.5 map handicap. A +1.5 handicap means that the team will need to win at least one map in the series. Alternatively, a -2.5 handicap implies that the team will need to win at least two maps. Even if the team loses 2-1 in the real life match, the handicap will be applied. This will ensure that the bet will payout if the team wins the CSGO match by a margin of 2-1.

The odds for the -7.5 Round Handicap are fairly low. This means that the favored team needs to win at least seven rounds to secure a victory. If they fail to do so, they will lose the bet. In addition, the favorite team needs to win by at least two points to secure the win.

The correct score market is another CSGO handicap bet. This market is not quite as popular as the other two. The advantage of the Correct Score market is that the odds are usually higher, and the number of outcomes is also variable. This market is ideal for making a profit.